Car sharing

We know that Bermuda could use more transportation options to help us get where we are going! That's why at Current we have launched a shared mobility platform to introduce a new and affordable way to travel.

Through our app based service you can use your phone to conveniently find the closest vehicle to you, and then 'Click' to reserve it. When you're ready to drive, just use your phone again to unlock it and off you go. You only pay for what you use, whether that's just a minute, hour, day or week. Our vehicles are available when you want, where you want, for as long as you want!

We provide contactless vehicle tutorials, and plenty of road safety reminders to make sure our customers are always well informed on how to operate their vehicles, and what the traffic laws are.

Whether you need wheels for the school run or even just for fun. We are Current, helping Bermuda get from A to B and everywhere in between